Article 3: Biblical Worldview

All of life is to be governed by the Word of God. God has set before his people two tasks to accomplish by the power of His Spirit. The cultural mandate is designed to extend Christ's dominion throughout the world (Genesis 1:28). The evangelistic mandate is designed to extend Christ's salvation throughout the world (Matthew 28:18-20). These two mandates rely upon each other to be fulfilled. God extends his rule and blessing to earth when his people obey him in both word and example.

The Scripture defines three separate and distinct spheres of sovereignty by which man is to fulfill these mandates. These are:

  • The family
  • The church
  • The civil magistrate

The limited sovereignty of each of these spheres is derived from God's sovereignty over all things.

Each member of Covenant Community Church is called of God to faithfully conform his conduct within and regulate his relationship to each of these spheres according to the Word of God to the best of his ability and understanding. The community of the church exists to mutually exhort and foster growth in all it's members. The church's goal is to assist its members both spiritually and physically toward acts of righteousness and obedience to Christ in all things.

Our "Worldview" document represents the leading of our elders in the applications of the Word of God to the culture and times in which we live. It is available to anyone by request. This document speaks to the practical application of what we believe the Scriptures to teach. It will not define the boundaries of our fellowship with other believers. It represents the details of faithful discipleship to our Lord Jesus Christ in the modern world. The elders will make necessary amendments from time to time as they gain maturity in knowledge and understanding.

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