Our "Creed and Confession" is what defines the boundaries of our fellowship. By God's grace we stand with all the saints in an "innumerable cloud of witnesses" to declare the fundamental truths of the historic Christian faith. To all who confess and believe the historic Christian Faith, we extend the hand of fellowship and call you brother or sister "in the Lord Jesus Christ". To all who confess not this Faith,  we declare that you are outside of the fellowship of Almighty God. His condemnation rests upon you, and unless you repent and confess, your judgment and damnation awaits.

Our Constitution provides for the administration of our duties in the "kingdom of heaven" as we strive to be "doers of the word".

We pray that it please our sovereign Lord and King to bless and prosper our preaching and teaching to the strengthening of the saints and the glory and honor of God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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